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Cygnus Europa Event Driven


Investment Strategy

Cygnus Europa Event Driven aims to capture event-driven investment opportunities around corporate actions in Europe. It will target returns of 15-20% per annum, with volatility levels of 10%-12%, while minimizing downside exposure and avoiding crowded and popular trades. The strategy maintains positions in companies currently or prospectively involved in corporate transactions of a wide variety including mergers, spin-offs, restructurings, regulatory changes, financial distress, tender offers, shareholder buybacks, debt exchanges, security issuance or other capital structure adjustments. Security types can range from most senior in the capital structure to most junior or subordinated, and will frequently involve additional derivative securities. The exposure includes a combination of sensitivities to equity markets, credit markets and idiosyncratic, company specific developments.

Management Team

The investment management team is made up of four professionals that have more than 20 years of experience in trading and managing long/short funds: José Luis Pérez (Portfolio Manager), José Ignacio Arenzana (Senior Analyst - External), Andrew Sentance (Senior Analyst - External) and Javier Sunyé (Senior Trader).

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