Cygnus Asset Management

Cygnus Europa Event Driven

Investment Strategy

The Cygnus Europa Event Driven strategy aims to capture investment opportunities deriving from special situations and corporate actions in Europe. It follows an opportunistic, thematic approach to benefit from inefficiencies and under or over valuations relating to M&A, capital structure changes, spin-offs, regulatory changes, restructurings and bankruptcies. The manager uses a wide variety of instruments to build the portfolio, including equities, credit and derivatives that result in very well-structured risk/reward ratios and built in convexity. The solid overlay of hedges aims to protect the portfolio against macroeconomic and tail risks. There is no predefined allocation to a particular geography, sector or instrument type. The strategy displays uncorrelated equity-like returns both to market and peers.

Management Team

The investment management team is made up of four professionals that have more than 20 years of experience in trading and managing long/short funds: José Luis Pérez (Portfolio Manager), José Ignacio Arenzana (Senior Analyst ) and Javier Sunyé (Senior Trader).

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