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 What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, usually consisting of letters and numbers, which are stored on your computer, tablet, mobile device or similar when you access a website with the device. Cookies are accepted by your web browser and serve to identify your device. Cookies are used ensure the proper functioning of our web site and to gather information for statistical purpose and to compile traffic analysis statistics

What are the different type of cookies we use in our web site?

Strictly necessary cookies are required for the operation of our website and are essential to enable you to navigate the website and use its features. Cygnus Asset Management uses cookies that allow us to compile traffic analysis statistics to ensure the proper functioning of our website.

Cookies can be first-party cookies or third-party cookies. Cygnus Asset Management may use different types of cookies for different purposes:





Statistical cookies: These cookies allow us to gather information on how users behave, such as preferred language, number of visits, number of pages viewed, how often they return to it, the region they are in, etc. This information is always anonymous.

Preferences: These cookies allow our website to rember your preferences, such as your preferred language, font size, etc.

Use of cookies by Cygnus

We use cookies to compile traffic análisis statistics. This information does not include any personal data nor other information which allows us to identify you.

How to change your cookie settings

You can change your browser settings to delete cookies or prevent them from being accepted automatically any time. Please note that if you disable or delete cookies, Cygnus Asset Management cannot guarantee that the choices you have made will be permanente. Please follow the links below to find out how to manage your browser’s cookie settings:

Apple Safari – Go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy and select  “Always block”, “Allow from websites I visit” or “Allow always”. For more information:

Safari for iOS 8 – Go to Settings > Safari > Block Cookies and select “Allow always”, “Allow from website I visit”  or “Always block”. For more information:

Google Chrome – Go to Google Chrome, tap the Menu icon > Settings  > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies and select your preferences. For more information:

Mozilla Firefox – Go to Firefox > Menu > Preferences > Privacy and select your preferences. For more information:

Internet Explorer 11 – Go to Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet options > Privacy > Settings > Advanced and select your preferences. For more information:

Internet Explorer Mobile – Go to Internet Explorer Mobile > Setings an select your preferences. For more information:

Opera – Go to Opera > Settings > Options > Settings > Cookies and select yor preferences. For more information:

Chrome for Android and iOS – Go to Google Chrome > Chrome > Settings > Advanced > Privacy > Site settings > Cookies and select your preferences. For more information:

Additional notes

Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. However, you have the ability to disable or block cookies if you wish.

Neither this website nor its legal representatives can guarantee the correct or incorrect settings of cookies by the aforementioned browsers. In some cases it may be necessary to install cookies so that the browser does not forget your decision of not acceptance.

Cookies Policy Update

We may update the our Cookies Policy anytime. Please read our policy each time you access our website in order to be properly informed about how and why we use cookies.

If the information or previous links are outdated, if your browser is not included in this list or if you do not know how to mange cookies, please visit the official website.

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