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Cygnus’ Partners have agreed to sell 20% of Cygnus’ shares to Mutua Group, with an option to acquire an additional 30.01% in 2020

We think this is a very good transaction for Cygnus and for its investors. Both will benefit from having the company backed by a highly reputed large financial institution like Mutua, increasing Cygnus scale while remaining independent.

Funds will continue to be managed independently and the investment style will remain unchanged in all our strategies. Also, Funds terms and conditions will remain unaltered.

Juan Cruz will continue leading the investment management team as CIO and José María Amusátegui will continue as president and CEO. Both will also remain at the head of the management company following Mutua’s foreseeable increase to 50.01% stake next year. Isabel Serra will continue managing Cygnus Funds USA, based in New York, and Luis Amusátegui will continue leading Cygnus’ Research team. José Luis Pérez will also continue as PM of the Europa Event Driven Strategy.

Cygnus has been looking closely to the consolidation wave in our industry during the last two years and finally this was the right and the best option. Size has become of the essence. A Group like Mutua will not only increase our AuM but also broaden our distribution capabilities. It will also reinforce our brand name and increase investors trust. We will also benefit from Mutuas’ resources and knowledge in operations, systems, legal and compliance.

Both Cygnus and Mutua know each other very well and have had a very close relationship over 14 years where they have been investing with us. As the markets consolidate, Mutua was an obvious choice to achieve the right scale for continued growth.

For Mutua this takes a further step in the diversification of its financial advisory business, adding specialization in alternative asset management both in terms of product type and geography, due to Cygnus’ international presence. With Cygnus, Mutua will develop a broad alternative management platform to boost the marketing of its products. This complements its asset management business, which it develops through its investment and pension fund manager, Mutuactivos.

About Mutua and Mutuactivos

Grupo Mutua is one of the largest insurance groups in Spain, with over 13 million clients €12 billion in Assets, €5.3 billion in premiums and €267 million net profit in 2018. It also has one of the best solvency ratios (>330%) of the European insurance sector.

Mutuactivos has grown to become Spain’s largest independent asset manager by volume of business, excluding the country’s large banking groups. They currently manage assets of more than €7 billion through 32 investment funds, 23 pension plans (7 of the individual system and 16 of the employment system) and various savings insurances. The Grupo Mutua management company specializes in fixed income and equities.

July 26th, 2019


June 2019

Cygnus validates its first position in Utilities and Oil & Gas. Alejandro Vigil, Partner and Senior Analyst of Cygnus Utilities, Infrastructure & Renewables, ranks 1st in Utilities, Oil & Gas and Construction & Building Materials.


Interview with Juan Cruz, CIO of Cygnus Asset Management

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Interview with Juan Cruz, CIO of Cygnus Asset Management

November 27th, 2018 (In Spanish)

Interview with Blanca Gil Antoñanzas, MANAGING DIRECTOR OF Cygnus Asset Management

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Preqin’s June 2017 Special Report: Hedge Funds in Europe    

11 July, 2017

Cygnus was recently featured in Preqin´s June 2017 Special Report: Hedge Funds in Europe. Cygnus was featured as one of the largest Spain-based hedge fund managers by AUM and our Cygnus Europa Event Driven Class A was featured as a top performing hedge fund.

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10th anniversary video Cygnus AM

20 October, 2016 (In Spanish)

PresentaTION TO INVESTORS ON 28 APRIL, 2015    

28 April, 2015 (In Spanish)

Presentation to investors about current issues related to our universe and funds.